Navy Writer Scores 100% on NYT’s NYT100 for Student Writers

Student writers for the New York Times are winning awards, the newspaper announced Thursday, as it marked the first time the company has awarded a student writer the highest honor for its coverage of a student’s experience in the military.

The prestigious honor, bestowed by the publisher on a student who has published or contributed to a student paper at least five times in the last five years, is named for two U.S. sailors who died in the Iraq War, both of whom were students at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

The two men, Staff Sgt. Christopher Bostock and Staff Sgt.-Ret.

Mark St. George, were assigned to the USS George Washington, which went down on Jan. 2, 2007, during the battle of Al Anbar Province in Iraq.

They were killed in the crash of their helicopter.

Bostock was an aspiring writer who graduated from Monterey State University in 2016.

He is the author of “Boots on the Ground,” a memoir of his military service, “Breathe Easy: Stories of War and Peace” and “The War Zone,” an op-ed for the Times last year.

St. George graduated from the Naval Graduate School in January, 2018.

The paper announced the award during a ceremony honoring the Navy’s Chief of Naval Personnel.

Baldwin and Gage, two former students of the Naval School, are currently writing their first books.

Both writers, who have been featured in the Times as well as elsewhere, said they plan to write more.

The Times, in addition to its student paper, the student paper The New York Review of Books, is owned by The New Yorker, which has been awarded the honor in recent years.