How to stop Trump and his cronies from running America

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have plummeted to historic lows, and he is struggling to keep the White House and the GOP from collapsing.

The president’s approval rating has dropped to historic low, and it’s the lowest he’s had in nearly a year.

According to Gallup, Trump’s job approval rating is at 36%, and he’s on pace for a 36% disapproval rating.

Meanwhile, his disapproval rating is sitting at 46%.

The latest CNN/ORC poll found that only 30% of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, while 70% disapprove.

The GOP is in desperate need of a change, and they’re hoping that a change of direction can turn the tide.

One thing that Trump has done well is push back against criticism.

Trump has consistently said that the media is biased and that he would be willing to take a chance on someone who was going to lose, which could be an appealing approach to the media and voters.

It’s also an approach that has worked.

In fact, Trump is so unpopular that in March, he went on the offensive and began calling out reporters for trying to write stories that would hurt him.

CNN’s Jake Tapper has also reported that Trump, in fact, was looking to run against a Democratic candidate in 2020.

But this could all change with a new administration in charge of the White Houses job.

The President’s approval is in the toilet.

Trump’s ratings are so low that he could potentially lose the White Senate seat he currently holds, which would mean a Senate majority.

But Trump is not going to quit on the country.

He’s going to keep pushing on and he knows that people want change.

Trump is a fighter.

He doesn’t quit.

He’ll fight until he gets what he wants, whether that’s a landslide in 2020 or the election in 2020, but he’s going all in.

Trump can be defeated, but the Republican Party won’t fall unless he loses.

He could get a major setback in 2020 and 2018, but if he can take the reins, the Republicans could come out of the wilderness and win a majority in both of those elections.

This could be a big opportunity for Republicans.

They could start to build a majority of Republicans and get the President’s agenda passed in 2020 without having to deal with the media.

In 2020, the Democrats will have a big advantage in the Senate and Trump could have the Whitehouse in play.

But it’s important that Republicans start pushing on their agenda now.

The Republican Party is in crisis.

The last few months have shown that the GOP is more divided than it has been in a long time.

Republicans don’t have a strong leader in the White house, they have a weak one in the Cabinet.

And they’re trying to do their best to push the agenda, but they’re not winning the wars.

There is a huge disconnect between the Trump administration and the Republican Congress.

If Republicans want to win in the midterm elections, they’re going to have to start doing things that are popular.

If they want to keep Trump and the Republicans in power, they need to make a big shift in the way they’re talking to the public.

The next four years are going to be crucial for the Republicans and their agenda.

Republicans will have to change how they’re governing, but it’s a lot easier said than done.

Republicans have a lot of work ahead of them.

They’re going through a lot and they need everyone on board.

They need to figure out what they’re doing to get the country back on track.