Why I was fired from a local restaurant

Writer Azeem Asher was fired last week after a story he wrote about a coworker being bullied and harassed by other coworkers led to him being placed on leave from his job. 

He says he was fired for doing his job with integrity. 

I was told I was terminated for doing my job, and I was in disbelief.

I was not told that it was because I wrote the article, that I wrote it to defend my colleague, and that I did not want the article to go out to the world. 

After being fired, I immediately contacted my attorney and filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, but I didn’t expect it to get as far as it did. 

It was all I knew about the situation, and the fact that I had been terminated was the last straw for me.

I have lost my job.

I have lost everything I had.

I had worked for over four years for a local chain restaurant, but when this happened, I felt betrayed. 

My family, my friends, and my coworkers are still grieving.

I am devastated.

 I am not going to rest until I am not working for this restaurant anymore.

My employer, I think, should have known better than to terminate me.

I believe that I would have been better off staying on the job, but this is what the bosses and the management had to do.

I’m glad that the law protects me, because I would not have gotten to the end of this article without my support. 

The writer was fired in early March. 

Asher is a writer, photographer, and producer for Breitbart News.

Follow him on Twitter: @azeemasher