Which of the 9 writers you’ll see executed on September 10?

In this article from Buzzfeed, writer and executive editor of the Writers Digest University, Rachel J. Lee, offers her top 10 writers executed on 9/11.

This includes writers who are famous and well-known, such as author Mark Twain, and lesser-known writers who have achieved fame and notoriety, such, Emily Dickinson, Mary Shelley, and Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here’s what Lee has to say about some of the writers who were executed, and how she thinks their legacy will be remembered on September 11:1.

Mark Twain: Writer and dramatist Mark Twain was a prolific writer, and his work has been used as the inspiration for many films and books.

Twain was also a great advocate for peace, writing in his autobiography, “A Choice Not an Echo.”

He died in 1917, leaving behind a legacy of more than 400 books.

In addition to his own works, Twain was known for writing plays, poems, and novels.2.

Emily Dickinson: Writer, poet, and editor of The Dickinson Sisters, Dickinson wrote about herself in the book, The Dickinson Papers, which is considered one of the most important collections of American women’s personal and literary writings.

In the book she wrote about her childhood and her marriage to a man named John Haldeman.3.

Mary Shelley: Writer of Frankenstein, Mary created Frankenstein’s monster and the monster that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Shelley died in 1883, but her influence on our culture is evident.4.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Author of the novel The Great Gatsby and the film version of The Dark Knight, Gilbert is best known for her work on the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which she wrote and directed.

Gilbert is also known for being the author of the bestselling novel The Heart Goes Last, and her memoirs, A Place on the Range and Beyond.5.

James Joyce: Author and playwright who lived from 1922 to 1958, James Joyce is widely considered the greatest writer in English literature.

His work includes the works The Ulysses, Ulyssius, Unequal Exchange, The Waste Land, Utopia, Umberto Eco, and Ulyssus.

Joyce was also the author, producer, and writer of The Grapes of Wrath, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and The Odyssey.6.

Emily Bazelon: Author, playwright, and critic of the New York Times best-selling novels The Handmaid’s Tale and The Hand of God, Bazelons works have been cited as an inspiration for numerous television shows, including American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, The Mentalist, and Parks and Recreation.7.

Elizabeth Gladding: Actress, writer, director, and director of the acclaimed film The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Gladding is best-known for her roles as Jane Fonda and Sarah Michelle Gellar in the films The Elephant Man and The Mummy Returns.

Gladding died in 1994 at age 71.8.

Mary Pickford: Author whose work includes The Last Man on Earth, The Sun Also Rises, The Tempest, The Way of Kings, The Scarlet Letter, The Giver, The Wicker Man, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, and the novel, The Woman in the White House, Pickford was known as the “Mother of the Dead.”9.

Henry David Thoreau: Author who wrote The Last of the Mohicans and who also wrote the classic novel, Walden, Thoreaus work is also well-represented in popular culture, particularly in popular fiction.10.

Mary McCarthy: Author with the novel American Born Chinese, McCarthy’s work is widely recognized for its cultural significance, including in movies such as The Good Wife, The Truman Show, and American History X. McCarthy was also an influential voice in American politics, and she authored the seminal essay, The American Way of Life, that helped pave the way for the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.