Trump: I’d ‘do anything’ to keep GOP senators safe

Donald Trump says he would “do anything” to keep Republicans in their seats.

In an interview with NBC News on Friday, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said Republicans have to make “some sort of deal” with Democrats in order to “get something done” in Washington.

Trump said that “they have a problem” and that he believes the Democrats are “playing politics with” their majority in the Senate.

“I think that the Democrats have got a lot of people who are willing to do anything.

They have got some really bad people, so I think we have to be very, very tough on them.

We have to do everything in our power to get them out.

And that’s why I’ve said that if they can’t get me to do it, then I will do anything,” Trump said.

Trump, who has been a vocal critic of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), has repeatedly called on Schumer to resign and has vowed to fight back against Democrats’ efforts to overturn his presidential victory.

Trump has also said that Schumer has “a problem” with his election.

“Chuck Schumer, I’ve seen him in the last few days, and he has a problem with the election,” Trump told NBC News.

“I think he has to go.

He’s not doing very well.

He should go.

The Republicans have got to get something done.

And they don’t.

They don’t care about us, they don, they’re playing politics with our party.

And I think it’s a very bad thing.”

Trump has not been shy about his criticism of Schumer and the Democratic-controlled Senate, calling on the party to “step up” and pass legislation to address health care and other issues.

“They have a bad guy in Chuck Schumer,” Trump added.

“Chuck Schumer is a very, a very nasty guy.

And he doesn’t care.

And you know what?

I think he’s going to do whatever he wants to do.

And we have no control over him.

And if he can’t do it he should go.”

The billionaire businessman also said he has “no problem” supporting a candidate who has “been proven to be a loser.”

“I’m very supportive of whoever is going to win,” Trump concluded.