How to create a cutesy pdf writer

Writer’s block?

Here’s how to turn your writing into a cute pdf.

We’ve all been there, where the words are so small and awkward, but the images so big and clear and colorful, and the paragraphs so full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, that it’s easy to forget how to read a page.

Here’s an easy fix.


Create a cute PDF file (or two) and put them together.

You could write your own cute PDF, or try to come up with something like the one below.

Write this as quickly as possible, so you can get back to the page in no time at all.


Start your work.

As you type, make sure your words are centered on your cursor.

If your cursor is in the middle of a line, make that space.

If you have a pen, you can make the space at the end of a paragraph.

Use this space to draw a circle around your words.

For instance, if your words say “my husband”, “my brother”, “our family”, “family” or “my children”, you can draw the circle to the right of the cursor.

This creates a circle with the letters of each word, like the image below.

If this circle is too small, or you don’t want to draw it at all, you could also try drawing it in the corners of your paragraph.


Add words.

This is the easiest part, and one that most people will fail at.

Add a bunch of your words to your PDF file.

Here are some ideas: – Write a sentence.

Say “This is the first time we have spoken”, or “We are the first family we’ve ever met”, or similar.

It’s a great way to give yourself some time to think about your words, as well as your ideas.

– Add a word or phrase.

Write “My son is a good child”, or something like that.

– Write an adjective.

For example, say “he is a bright boy”, or add “his intelligence is exceptional”.

– Write something that describes the subject of your piece.

You can use an adjective, like “a great teacher”, or a noun, like your husband’s name.

– Make a bold sentence.

Write a statement like, “I love my son”, or just “my son”.

– Put a link to your page in your header.

The more links you put, the better the reader will be able to get to your article.

– Use the back button to close your PDF.

It will close automatically.



Make sure you have your own page set up and are in the right place at the right time.

Write your words as quickly and as neatly as you can, and start working on your page.

Your writing will become more and more readable.

1/ You can make your own PDF file to help you write more easily.

(You can find the best ones here.)

2/ You could also create your own little paper book to help keep track of your thoughts.

(Here’s how you can print one for yourself.)

3/ Or try to make a nice, clean PDF file that you can use as a reference for your own work.

4/ And if you’re feeling lazy, you might even like to create an infographic that shows you what you’ve written and how you got there.