How Biden’s VP speechwriters helped write his 2020 campaign

A former campaign aide has accused her former boss of a pattern of sexual harassment and a pattern that included inappropriate touching and touching his genitals while they were together.

Kate Murphy wrote a post for Vice, a left-leaning website, on Wednesday detailing a series of interactions between Biden and her former deputy, Sarah Sanders, over the course of eight months.

The article alleges that Biden “repeatedly” touched Sanders inappropriately, as well as groped her.

Murphy writes that Sanders told Biden she was a “little worried about what might happen if I said anything.”

“The problem, though, is Biden’s repeated behavior, including sexual touching, of Sarah Sanders was always accompanied by unwanted touching of Biden’s genitals, even as he spoke, she writes.”

She goes on to say that Sanders would repeatedly ask Biden for his phone number and his phone would ring whenever she asked him for his number. “

Sarah Sanders, however, was not just concerned with Biden’s well-being, she was concerned for her own.”

She goes on to say that Sanders would repeatedly ask Biden for his phone number and his phone would ring whenever she asked him for his number.

She writes that she was warned to keep quiet about her concerns, and Biden was only reprimanded for touching her breasts.

“It is impossible to imagine a more dangerous and sexually inappropriate situation for a woman than a woman who is already feeling physically assaulted,” Murphy writes.

“I was scared for my own safety.”

She also alleges that Sanders repeatedly asked Biden if he could take off his shirt, and that Sanders was also told to stop wearing her shoes.

“She also repeatedly asked me if I was okay,” Murphy said.

“Asking Biden if it was okay was a signal of trust.

But asking if I could take it off was a request to have me touch his genitals.”

She added that Biden’s hands, which she says were on her stomach, were “very warm and wet.”

“She told me it was because she had to pee,” Murphy explained.

“It was a very uncomfortable experience, and it was uncomfortable for me to be there.”

She wrote that Sanders “asked me to sit on the floor and I told her I was too scared to.”

“I was embarrassed for her and ashamed of her,” Murphy continued.

“She told Biden to put his hand over her mouth.

Biden didn’t.””

As I sat there, her hand started moving toward my mouth,” Murphy added.

“Her hand moved up and down my upper lip, up and up, until it was right there on my mouth.

And it was touching my upper lips and my inner lips, and touching my nipples.

Biden’s hand touched my nipple.”

Biden was photographed sitting with his head down, with his hands on his hips, as he talks with the audience at a town hall event in January 2020.

He also sits at a desk during the campaign.

“The next day, Sarah was the first person to call me, and we spoke in person,” Murphy recalled.

“That’s when I told him I was sorry.”

Murphy says she later shared her experience with Biden.

“He was not apologetic,” she said.

“I told him that it was my fault,” Murphy told ABC News.

“And he told me that he had a very strong moral compass, that he knew what he was doing was wrong, that there was no reason to keep doing it.”

“Sarah told me, ‘If you are going to do it, I am going to go to the police,'” she said, adding that Biden told her that he was “100 percent not going to be arrested for anything.”

She continued:”The last time she talked to me was two months ago, after we had just talked at the dinner party.

I told Sarah that she would be taking my word for it, and she assured me she was going to keep it to herself.”

She said that Biden never apologized.

“After my initial statement, Biden never asked me what happened to me.

I never heard from him again,” Murphy claimed.