Why Adobe is hiring a writer.

Adobe has hired a writer to work in its Office 365 and Adobe PDF workforces, a source familiar with the matter said.

The news comes a day after the tech giant announced it will hire a writer for its new Office 365 publishing software.

The move comes a month after Adobe announced it would add about 300 jobs, and is one of the biggest hires of the year.

The announcement comes as Adobe is seeking to lure back more of its lost employees, after months of layoffs and the company’s exit from the cloud computing market.

The company said in August that it was going to take a year-long hiatus from the company.

The new writer will work with the creative teams at Adobe.

He or she will work on editorial projects and will be in close proximity to the Adobe Editorial Operations group, according to the person familiar with Adobe’s hiring process.

He/she will be required to meet with the executive team on a regular basis to help develop new and innovative solutions for Adobe’s digital strategy.

The writer’s duties will include writing, colorizing, archiving, and editing content, according the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the hiring is private.

The person said the writer’s responsibilities will include both creative and technical tasks.

The hire is the latest in a string of recent hires to take the job.

Adobe hired a senior editorial designer to lead its editorial products, and a top writer at the Adobe Research department.

Last month, Adobe announced that it would be hiring a senior editor to help drive its new software and tools.

In August, Adobe also announced that its cloud-based business was being rolled out to customers at scale.

In the first quarter of 2019, Adobe said it had 4.5 million users using its software across its cloud services, and that the number of users had grown to 9.5 billion.