CEO of tech company fired for ‘socially unacceptable’ comments

A company executive has been fired for a series of tweets that some critics said were “sociically unacceptable” for an executive in charge of a tech company.

The executive, who worked at Twitter, resigned Monday after a woman filed a lawsuit accusing him of harassing her in 2011.

The lawsuit was filed by the Los Angeles Times in an attempt to get the CEO of Facebook fired.

The Times says the case is not related to Twitter.

The suit alleges that during the time the lawsuit was pending, the man, who also is a director of social media at Twitter and a vice president at Facebook, posted a series and a photo on Facebook that were “offensive, racially insensitive, and in violation of Facebook’s Code of Conduct and social guidelines for employees.”

The complaint says the man sent the photo to his co-workers on Facebook, where it has since been shared more than 9,000 times.

Twitter has yet to comment.

Twitter says it has taken action against people who violate its policies, and the company is investigating the matter.

Twitter also says the person it fired was suspended from the company in December 2011.