How to earn more as a sports writer salary

How to make $60,000 a year as a writer on sports.

The sport-specific writing industry is a relatively new one, and it is still relatively young.

But it’s already worth getting your feet wet.

With some of the top sports writers in the world earning a living out of their craft, the number of sports writers working on the front lines has grown exponentially.

This article details the top 10 writers in each major sport in the United States, and includes an article on how to make the most of the career paths.

Read more about the profession and its growing audience.

The list of writers includes some familiar names, such as ESPN’s Jemele Hill, Sports Illustrated’s David Epstein, and Sports Illustrated contributing editor Mark Schlabach.

Others are new, such in the case of Bleacher Report’s John Weisbrod,’s Mark Schilling, and ESPN senior sports writer Dan Wetzel.

Some of the new names in this list are a surprise, such for the fact that ESPN’s Jim Gray, a former sports writer for the San Francisco 49ers, is listed as the second-most-earned writer in the NFL.

For the most part, these are just names you may have heard, but they have proven to be good candidates for your next big career move.