‘Surgical procedures will be given free’ to all surgical residents, writes medical writer

A surgical resident of a private hospital is demanding a salary increase of 10 per cent for medical professionals who are performing operations in the private hospital, as per a letter published in the media.

In the letter, published on Monday, Dr Srinivas Reddy, chairman of the All India Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (ACSI), wrote to all medical professionals and the state government asking them to grant medical residents a 10 per cwt increase in their salaries, after which the salaries would be paid on an annual basis.

“We need to pay the medical residents at least 10 per cents per day.

It would be a major step forward,” he wrote in the letter.

ACSI, which is part of the Ministry of Health, also asked all hospitals to offer surgical residencies to surgical residents.

The state government has been seeking to incentivise the surgical residents to continue performing operations at the private hospitals as they have not been able to get regular wages from the state.

In September this year, the state Cabinet had approved an ordinance to give surgical residents to surgical resident workers at private hospitals.

The apex government has also been asking all private hospitals to allow surgical residents in their facilities to work.