When Shannon Burke was pregnant, the NHS gave her the wrong treatment

Shannon Burge was one of the lucky ones.

In 2015, she was on her way to work when a car collided with her and sent her to hospital.

At the time, she said the treatment she received was “completely ridiculous” and she had been given antibiotics and other treatments that didn’t work.

The NHS had not provided a copy of her case report to the Medical Journal of Ireland.

That’s when Shannon, who works in technology, decided to start an online petition.

She says the Government has done a “poor job” and should apologise.

“I am angry that I was treated as a ‘wimp’ and not given the right care and that the NHS did not provide me with the correct information,” Shannon said.

Read moreShe has now published the case report online and has received more than 70,000 signatures from people across the country.

In a statement, the Government said it had provided Shannon with all the necessary information in an “exact and timely manner”.

“The Minister for Health has agreed that the information received from Shannon Burkes case report was accurate and complete,” it said.

“The information in the report has been provided to the Health Service Executive (HSE) and is being reviewed.”

“The HSE has not confirmed the accuracy of the information in Shannon’s case report.”

Shannon says she has never felt like an outsider and feels it’s important to educate others about the need for the Irish health system to better provide patients with the care they need.

“What the public needs to know is that people who are sick are often the most vulnerable,” she said.