Google is looking to boost its SDSD write speed

Google is working on a new write speed feature that it says it will unveil in a blog post later this week.

It said the feature will offer better reliability, write speeds of 10 times faster than existing write speeds and lower power consumption.

Google said in the blog post that the write speed improvements will be available in the first quarter of 2019, when the new drive will be rolling out to existing customers.

Google previously released a feature that lets users write to an SD card as soon as they enter a new data plan, but it’s been on hold for more than a year due to the fact that Google’s own SDSDs don’t use SD cards.

Google’s new feature will let users write from SD cards, so they’ll have a faster write speed than existing SD cards on existing plans, according to the blog.

The new feature is designed to make it easier for users to write to SDS drives, and will be compatible with all new devices, including Android phones.

Google has also said it plans to launch an SD reader in the coming months, but has not said how many people will be able to use it.

Google also announced today that it is adding 10 million new active devices to its search results each month, making it the biggest search engine in the world to add new devices to the platform.