Why does Heather McDonald write? She writes the best

article author Heather McDonald, who is the author of the bestseller The Perfect Man, says the writing process is the most important aspect of the writing job.

I like to write for the stories that are best for me.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to being creative in other ways.

I love to think about other writers and explore other writers.

When I’m writing, I just think, what’s interesting, what would I like people to know about me?

I love the process.

It’s a great way to start.

But what I love most is seeing what other writers are doing.

The first time I was approached by a writer, I was like, I’m really interested in doing this.

And I got that writer to put the pen to paper and write a piece that was going to resonate with me.

So that’s really what I want to do.

You can’t do it all.

I think it’s a good way to begin.

I’ve also done it in other mediums, like writing a book.

You’re getting feedback from the audience and that’s going to help you in the long run.

But I love writing.

I’m always reading.

I write a lot.

It feels like my writing is my life.