How to Write an Epic Twilight Fanfic and Get Your Fans to Like It!

In the Twilight fandom, there’s a whole spectrum of fanfic writers, but for those of you who are just starting out, the Twilight fanfics are a great way to get your feet wet with writing fanfiction.

The fanfictions can range from simple plot-driven fics like “Fantasia: The First Time” and “Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Part One” to more complex fics such as “Twin Peaks: The Official Encyclopedia” and more.

They’re all great options for those just starting to get into fanfiction, and the Twilight fans have been very supportive of writing their own.

So, it’s important to make sure you follow all the rules of the fandom so you don’t get into trouble.1.

Keep it to a minimum.

When writing fanfiction, keep it to the bare minimum of plot and character details.

For instance, no more than one character can talk in the same sentence.

Don’t go overboard with the amount of information in a fanficle, but it’s okay to get it down to the very bare minimum.2.

Keep your writing short.

For most fanficles, there are a couple of chapters of text per chapter, so write a couple paragraphs.

But, there may be a chapter in a fic that has five or six characters talking at the same time.

In that case, it could take longer than you think.

So make sure to keep the text as short as possible, and write a synopsis of the story, if possible.3.

Know your limits.

Fans love to tell stories that are far out of their comfort zone, so keep that in mind when writing.

Fanfics usually start with a big bang, but you can only write so much before it’s too late.4.

Use a clear writing style.

The way to write fanfiction is different from writing a short story, so the way to express yourself in a fandom is to stick to one style of writing.

If you want to write a fanfiction about someone from another culture, write it in a way that makes sense.

If a story has a lot of character development, write a story with lots of characters interacting.

For a story about Twilight, focus on the relationship between Twilight and Rarity.

If there’s something going on in the plot, write that too.5.

Avoid the “storybook-esque” look.

Many fanficts start out with an “epic” plot line, and then, as the story progresses, the story moves into more and more of the plot.

In fanfiction that starts out with a lot more detail, use the “epics” style.

Instead of having a few people talking at once, have a bunch of characters talking simultaneously.

The plot will get a lot clearer, and fans will get into more detail as the stories progress.6.

Use common language.

Fanfiction writers tend to use the same words when talking about different stories.

For example, “Twist,” “Twinkle,” “Dance,” and “Laugh” all come from the same word “twist,” and fans love that.

Fans of the Twilight franchise will also recognize “tickle,” “kiss,” and other common terms that fans use.7.

Avoid too much detail.

Fan Fictions tend to have more dialogue and plot, so if you’re not sure what a character is going to do next, just leave it to be explained later.8.

Don, don’t tell.

Some fanfiction writers may have to tell their readers something, but they don’t have to.

They can be a spoiler if they want to, and if fans want to know more about what happens next, that’s fine.9.

Use your imagination.

When it comes to fanfictional writing, the more details a writer puts in, the better.

It helps to write things that are unexpected, like “the end of the world.”

Fanfiction can also be a way to build relationships with fans, so it’s always a good idea to write your story using your own ideas and the fans’ input.10.

Read fanfiction before writing your own.

Many of the fanfiction authors I know, who write fanfills for a living, have also been fanfiction readers for many years.

And, in some cases, the writers have already written fanfiction for other writers.

But as long as you’re reading fanfiction when you’re writing your fanfiction—as long as it’s written by someone else—you can use it for the writing of your own fanfiction and get it published, too.

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