What will the WBA world title fight mean for the sport in the UK?

The WBA is set to announce its World Boxing Champions (WBC) title defence at the end of the month, with the heavyweight title being on the line between Anthony Joshua and Daniel Jacobs. 

In this article, Sportsmail looks at how the fight might shape up, and whether the WBC will be able to get the fight right, and if it will be worth its money.

A fight between Anthony and Daniel in the main event of the 2017/18 season would be a fight of historic significance. 

But, what does it mean for boxing in the rest of the world? 

As part of a deal to end the war in the Middle East, the WBF and WBA agreed to allow for a rematch between the two titlists, but the WBO decided to give them the chance to do it, rather than waiting for the WNBA, WBA and WBC to agree to the fight. 

The WBA, in an effort to secure the rematch, offered a 25% commission on the fight, which is significantly higher than the current 50%. 

So, in terms of the purse, this could be a huge deal for boxing.

But what will the fight mean? 

For one thing, the stakes are very high, with a heavyweight title fight between Joshua and Jacobs a fight that will probably have a high purse. 

That’s because the WAB is set for a huge increase in TV ratings, with boxing on the BBC and ESPN the biggest draw, but with the WBR and WBF having shown a lot of promise, they will also have a lot more money to spend. 

They are also set to be much more popular in the country. 

So while the WSB and WBO may be able see this as a great opportunity, the big question is whether or not it will happen, and how big a payday it will attract.

How big a fight will it be? 

With the WBMA set to return for its fifth year in 2020, it would make sense for the fight to be a rematch of some sort between Joshua or Jacobs. 

 But, as we saw last year, it will depend on how much money the WBI can make. 

If they can get Joshua and/or Jacobs to agree a fight, it’s likely that they will agree to give the WGBP (World Boxing Organisation) a 25%. 

If it’s not agreed, it’ll depend on the WBU (World Federation of Boxing Societies) agreeing to pay a 25 per cent commission on it. 

And, given the WBP (World British Boxing Organisation), the WBS and the WBMG (World Middleweight Boxing Federation) both want to see a rematch, that means they will all want to sign the deal, so it’ll likely be an issue.

What’s the betting?

The WBO are set to offer Joshua a 25/1 chance of a fight.

Josh Joshua and Joseph Parker have not fought in the ring since 2015Joshua and Parker will fight in the WBL for the first time since 2015, and there has been speculation about the fight for a while. 

A potential rematch between Joshua in 2018 and Parker in 2020 would make the fight a good bet for the pay-per-view market. 

Both Joshua and Parker are still under contract to the WBN and WBR, but a fight in 2018 would give both sides an opportunity to lock in their lucrative contracts. 

Another possibility is for the two men to fight in 2019, but that would also leave Parker out of the mix. 

It seems a long shot, but, given that Parker has a history of poor performances, the prospect of another fight is attractive. 

Will it be worth the money? 

The money could be worth it for Joshua and it seems likely he will. 

Joshua is one of the most highly-rated fighters in the world, with his performances on the biggest stages of the sport making him one of boxing’s top talents. 

He is the WSH (World Strikeforce) champion, the IBF and the IBO (International Boxing Federation). 

His performances are so high, that if the WMBF and WBU were to agree on a rematch to the date of the fight in 2020 and he gets an agreed fee, he will likely receive more money than Joshua. 

As a heavyweight, Joshua is one-fifth of the heavyweight world champion, Joe Frazier. 

His career is worth more than most of the top pound-for-pound fighters in boxing. 

Despite this, it seems that the WBE (World Benevolent Association) are not in favour of Joshua signing up for another fight.

As a result, Joshua will likely have to fight for his WBA belt at the expense of his WBC title, something that could be difficult for him to accept. 

There is no reason why Joshua can’t get the WBB (World Athletic Boxing Organisation).

Joshua and Joe Parker will meet in the